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              Product information

              Word processing technology

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              Tongzi production is decorated, an important part of Tongzi arts and crafts, and its simple, substantial income.

              First, the device of the projector (manual zoom can also be), carbon paper, electric angle matte turbine, planer, soldering iron, solder paste, iron scissors and so on.

              Second, the production will be required to produce 1 font Enlarge word manuscript placed on the bottom of transparencies with carbon ink pen to outline fonts on the film copy, enlarge font placed on the projector, and then another white paper to enlarge font rendering down.

              2. Copy copper to take copper (thickness of 0.4 mm -0.8 mm, can also be customized according to need) a tiled desktop and covered with carbon paper, amplified word manuscript on top of the carbon paper with a hard brush tick outline fonts . When outline should be designed according to the position of self-discharge font shapes. As fonts are not together, they can be discharged separately. Note that both the font and material without injury.

              3. Font cutting snips along with copy the font line sequentially cut out, and the remaining piece of copper cut copper strip (width 2 cm -3.5 cm, can also be customized according to the font size).

              4. Font plane convex bottom edge trimmed font size pad a suitable pipe, with a homemade wooden hammer to tap the font edges, so that literally raised. Available sharp corners wooden hammer, to the desktop font not reflected in its flat edges curled up.

              5. soldering copper strip copper strip Wang Li font on the back edge of the inner bottom put some solder paste. First with a soldering iron dipped fixed points, then carefully welded.

              6. A hand-held electric sanding grinding wheel angle, along the outer edge of the font (ie welding), the more polished edges. Be careful not to damage the surface of the font.

              7. Turn Planing Planing machine, the font flat stick against the cloth round Planing machine, gently move the font to be plane to the surface bright as a mirror when you can enter the next process.

              8. font painting can look like new. First with cotton dipped in a letter that the water (chemical stores) repeatedly wipe the surface of the font, but not until there is a black cotton so far. Then varnish believe that water in a 2: 1 mixture of modified release, with a fine brush dipped in varnish lightly brush the surface of Tongzi, in a clean dry place.

              9. The product packaging will take toilet paper or foam Tongzi coiling it up, put it in a box, fixed with adhesive tape, is finished.

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