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              Word complex production process

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              Tongzi step to dilute the paste with the words "anti" stick to the copper, and other completely dry, use scissors metal shears, cut out the shape. The second step, the thick steel plate with a wooden hammer workbench "knock" out of "concave" shape, in turn, a positive knock-shaping, the angle, leveling, and then in turn continue to knock, knock until "concave" uniform, trans come again correction of large, partial correction.

              Knock good word, just a "one-chip", then, is to help the child electric iron soldering copper, also known as copper. Let the word perspective is up!

              Welding good word, a prominent or missing parts must be steel filing, file smooth.

              Followed by polishing. First with coarse red polish oil throw it again, and then the secondary polishing oil green cast after cast with fine white oil.

              Throw good word with xylene must gradually wash clean, then spray paint general aviation, backward oven with a temperature of 180 degrees, and bake an hour or more. Temperature below 130 degrees, copper dark, not bright, easy stripping rust.

              Copper plate raw material is copper. Common yellow bronze material is brass. Brass also called copper alloy, copper and zinc. HY62 Copper Color, 54 poor copper, green hair. Unusual purple bronze material is the copper plate. Copper is copper. Tongzi, too, there are copper and brass word word points.

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