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              Holding a spurt the code machine

              Wiring handheld inkjet printer

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              Wiring handheld inkjet printer

              performance characteristi

              Edited information can be shown in printing, spray printing a variety of fonts, save material, 100 ml of special ink jet printing 12 x12mm of 2 million characters. Software in Chinese interface, easy operation, the machine adopts imported accessories, stable performance, strong and durable. In a variety of material surface can spray print, there are a variety of color optional. The machine is easy to add ink, nozzle without cleaning fluid, free maintenance, ink environmental protection. Without additional power supply, working directly with the charger battery, a charge can work continuously for 15 hours, can work without power supply area.

              Scope of application:

              Can printing on flat object, such as cartons, film bag, plastic drum, cosmetics, food, beverage, plate, building materials, household items such as the spray on the flat object

              Technical parameter

              The screen window size


              A number of stored information


              Piecewise function

              Paragraph 5

              Spray printing precision


              Count number


              Spray print barcode

              Qr code bar code

              An external interface

              Charging 232 serial interface, optical interface, USB transmission interface

              Using the environment temperature

              0-40℃  humidity10-80-%

              The ink color

              Black, red, blue, green and yellow

              The cartridge capacity


              Nature of the ink

              Dry, oily, water-based

              Spray print fonts

              Fully synchronous font of the PC computer or mobile phone

              Spray print distance


              Spray printing height


              Spray printing speed

              Under the condition of 300 dpi, up to 60 m/min

              The power supply parameters


              Automatic spray print

              Date, counting, batch number, serial number


              710mg  810mg


              Length x width x height (mm) 113x140 (including wheels) x185 (with handle)

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